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  Founded in 2000, Western Steel Erectors provides structural steel erection and installation services for a wide variety of project types, including new construction, renovation of existing structures, and seismic retrofits, and ranging from multilevel structures to small miscellaneous steel/handrail jobs, including bridges with live vehicle loads.

  As an AISC Certified Erector, the methods we employ are proven to be the safest and most efficient and effective for the accurate installation of structural steel. We stand behind our work. People are the most valuable asset to our organization and our skilled personnel are continually building on their knowledge base and increasing their skillset of connecting, bolting, rigging, and welding. Having over 140 years of experience in the steel industry among management and field foremen, our many decades of expertise enable us to be proactive in helping our clients to foresee possible design issues, fabrication issues, and bottlenecks to the eventual delivery of the final erected steel product and assist in providing workable solutions. Our processes and procedures don’t just catch errors and correct them after the fact, but prevent them from occurring and impacting the project’s schedule and budget.

  Western Steel Erectors is based on the core values of hard work, honesty, communication, and trust. Our procedures and commitment to quality and safety make our firm one of the premier small to mid-level structural steel erecting companies in California. Centrally located in California, we travel throughout the state to perform structural steel installation services for all categories of clients in various types of projects.

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